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Debate Circle

A place for intelligent debate.

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I've often found that one of the most enjoyable pastimes a person can engage in is to debate topics with their friends and associates in an intelligent, open-minded manner. It's a wonderful mental exercise that can really open one's eyes to aspects of the world they weren't aware of.
That's why I decided to create this community.

Obviously, since this community will probably deal with a large number of controversial topics, it's important that a few rules are put in place to make sure conversations remain interesting and constructive.

1. Be respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others. Try to keep an open mind when debating with others and remember that you can't always say for certain who is right or wrong. Obviously people are going to disagree now and then, but that's no excuse to flame someone or treat them poorly or belittle their beliefs/opinions. If you disagree with something someone says, feel free to say so, but do it without resorting to petty insults or immaturity. A good example of how to be have is: "Well, I don't feel the same because of x, y, and z." A bad example is: "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You suck. Go to hell." See the difference?

2. If you are going to present something as a solid fact, back it up. Until you have evidence in the form of study, personal experience, or conclusive reasoning, it is just an opinion. Opinions are fine to express, but I don't want to see anyone going, "God does/does not exist." And idea like that should be expressed as, "I believe God does/does not exist for these reasons."

3. Along the same lines as the first two rules, don't tell someone they're wrong simply because you disagree. If you believe they've made an incorrect statement because you know of some evidence to suggest otherwise, you're welcome to say that. But no telling people, "Well, you're just wrong....because."

4. No flaming or trolling. That one should be pretty self explanatory.

5. Try to make your posts and replies clear and well-thought-out. Don't respond to things in a flash of anger. Think before you type. Make sure what you've written clearly gets your point across and can be understood by others. Leave the 1337 5p34k off of here please...as well as the TYPING IN ALL CAPS. And don't teyp leik dis, bcuz no 1 can understnd u omg!111 A good rule of thumb is to pretend you're going to compile your discussion when you're done, and turn it into a teacher for a grade. Everyone makes typos obviously, I'm not going to yell at you for spelling or grammar errors, just make sure what you write is readable. If you are a non-native english speaker, then obviously you have a reasonable excuse for not typing everything perfectly. If you're concerned about getting your point across you're welcome to contact me via AIM or email and have me review your post, correct grammar/spelling errors, and give it back to you. If someone makes a post that I feel is difficult to understand, I may ask you if I can try and clear it up for you and post an edited version below the original text, or I may do this initially with a statement reading, "Edited by admin for readability," or something of that nature.

6. No editing of posts to change their meaning. You're welcome to add additional thoughts or fix spelling errors and such, but don't do things like write, "Bob is an idiot," and then realize it can get you in trouble and go back and change it to, "Bob is awesome," and play dumb when everyone complains about how you were insulting Bob.

7. Please put any large images behind LJ-cuts. If I find an image is an unnecessary size, I will edit the post to put it behind a cut.

8. If you link to any images, news stories, videos, websites, etc. that may be graphic in nature (violence, gore, etc.) please post a warning with the link. All images of this nature must be posted as links, not as raw images, even behind LJ cuts. And don't post things just to get a rise out of people. Also, no porn links please, what you do in your own free time does not concern the general community.

9. Depending on the severity of your infraction, breaking these rules could result in any of the following actions: a warning, a strike, or a ban (temporary or permanent). I keep a record of everything I issue. Once you've received three warnings, you will receive a strike (back talking an admin for receiving a warning or a strike will earn you another strike). Once you've received three strikes, you will be banned for a period of two months and then allowed back after that time period on probation (of another two months). If you attempt to get around a ban by making a new account, or if you behave in a manner that suggests you will be unable to follow the rules when your ban is lifted (badmouthing admins or members, trolling/flaming on the personal journals of admins and members, etc.) your ban will be changed to permanent. If you break a rule during your probation period you will receive a permanent ban. If you receive three strikes again after the time of your probation period, you will receive another ban, this one permanent. These rules are not intended to make people angry, they are simply intended to make life here more pleasant for all of the members. I'd also like to give credit to http://www.lilymud.net for the warning-strike-ban system, since I got the idea from that site and find it works rather well.

10. These rules are subject to change if I find certain things are necessary in order to make the community run more smoothly.

The admin of this community is saitenyo and the co-admin is (coming soon). If you have any questions or concerns, direct them to us. My contact info is listed on this page under the community information.

Happy debating!